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How To Caught Aimbotter Or Speedhacker Guide :)

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How To Caught Aimbotter Or Speedhacker Guide :)

Post  Akira on Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:54 am

A lot of people on the server uploading speedhackers and aimbotters but sometimes we don't approve the video coz some problems.
And i made this Guide to clean out the server from cheaters and record a great video which we can use it as a prove for the cheater if he ask about " why i'm in botjail " *Crying* =D

Lets start how to record a speeder :
if you start to suspect a person plays with speedhack .. you must not one hit him, just attack him with thunder or something then start run from him while recording you will find him jumping fast behind you.
This is an example

Second Thing .. How to record an aimbotter :
First : you must have high hp at least cant killed by one hit if someone kill you by two hits you must have Fruits or Mil.Ginseng.
Second : your video quality must be good to see it clearly.
Third : your video must be long enough by jumping around to prove to us that he/she uses aimbot.
Forth : write what you caught in video information spot if you use
The aimbotter or The speeder name
Garment they wear if the video not clear enough.
Here is an example for it

Programs you can record with :
There are a lot of programs you can use it in game recording ..
1-Fraps .. its good program .. actually i use it since a long time
http://www.fraps.com/<< if u download it from here it'll be trial and trial gives you only 30 seconds recording.
2-ZD Soft Game Recorder but i didnt use it before.
If you have another game recorder or Fps recorder you can use it .. its Okay


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